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Fumoto BSX Series Engine Oil Drain Valves

The SX for Motorcycles & Small Engines

Smaller Envelope. The new BSX series of valves takes the best of our SX series and puts it in a smaller envelope for motorcycles and other small engines. The BSX series is the latest in engine oil drain valve innovation from Fumoto, designed with motorcycle owners in mind. It combines the compact design of the SX series with a sleek new look that is perfect for space-limited oil drain locations such as those found on motorcycles.

Fumoto BSX Series

Available for Almost any Ride.The BSX series is available for most motorcycle engines. 

Simple to Install, Effortless to Use. The BSX series uses the same trademarked technology that makes all Fumoto valves simple to install and will outlast your engine.

With the 360° rotation feature, a design that originated at Fumoto with the SX series, obstructions do not prevent installation and the valve can be oriented in any direction.
SX valves seal with the included o-rings, no gasket required.

Fumoto BSX Series

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