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 Product Information

The Engine Oil Drain Valve’s patented design combines the convenience of easy operation with the security of a safety lock. To open just lift the control lever and give it a quarter turn. To close simply turn the lever back a quarter turn until it locks closed into its original position, double sealed to prevent leakage.


Simple Installation: The Engine Oil Drain Valve permanently replaces the standard drain plug. Once in   place, just lift the lever from its locked position and turn it a quarter of a turn to drain oil.


Proven Quality: Forged brass and stainless steel construction. The stainless steel spring prevents accidental opening. The "ball valve" design is just like the design of valve used in pressurised gas applications and so it provides a straight flow for efficient drainage and a perfect seal when closed.


Durability: The valve is a simple but effective locking system. The stainless steel spring prevents accidental opening. It requires two distinct actions to open it and its heavy-duty construction will withstand any engine vibration.


Genuine Part: The Engine Oil Drain Valve has been tested and granted "Genuine Part" status by six major motor vehicle manufacturers in Japan.


Save Time & Money: Reduce the cost of fleet maintenance. Minimise oil changing time, improve OH&S conditions by eliminating mess and contact with hot oil. Convenience of draining a small amount of oil from engine if accidentally overfilled. Draw samples for oil analysis with ease. Stripped threads are gone forever.


Versatile: Sizes to fit all heavy duty trucks and buses as well as cars, vans, light trucks, 4WDs, motorbikes, marine engines and industrial equipment.


N-Series Valve:


The Engine Oil Drain Valve is also available in an “N-Series” (with a nipple) which will accept a hose to allow draining of the oil away from the engine.  This makes it perfect for hard to reach places like marine engines, generators, pumps and compressors.


Warning! "N-Series" valves are not recommended for cars with low ground clearance. Please make sure there is enough distance from the ground.




Endorsements: The Engine Oil Drain Valve has been tested and granted "Genuine Parts" status by 6 major motor vehicle manufacturers in Japan, including Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Isuzu. These approvals were not granted easily and gaining them was a testimony to the quality and durability of the Engine Oil Drain Valve. In the United States, the Engine Oil Drain Valve is being installed at the factory level on some of the vehicles and equipment made by Ford, Kohler, Freightliner, Caterpillar, JLG, GEHL, Ingersoll-Rand, Sullair, Toyota, Case, Magnetek, Timberjack, Lincoln Electric, Vermeer, Baldor, Terex, Deutz, Phaser Marine Generator and many others.

 Valve Installation

  1. Remove original drain plug and drain oil into a container.(Open oil cap before draining oil for efficient drainage)
  2. Insert Engine Oil Drain Valve with gasket* and tighten. Do not over tighten. (Some oil pans are designed with recessed drain hole which may prevent the valve from being installed properly. If the valve can not be tightened all the way without hitting the oil pan wall, do not install the Drain Valve to your vehicle. Adaptors are available for some models)
  3. Make sure valve is closed and refill crankcase.


Since the thread part of the Drain Valve is made of Brass and has a hollow construction, install it by hand and with a wrench, give only a 1/4 turn to tighten it. Please take care not to over tighten. *Some valves (i.e. T200, T201, T202, F110) do not require a gasket as they are self-tightening tapered threads.


Safety: Drive carefully at all times and if you run over any foreign object on the road, pull over and check the valve for any damage or leak. N-Series valve (with Nipple to accept hose) is not recommended for passenger cars with low ground clearance.


Warranty: Fumoto Engineering of America offers Lifetime Warranty on its product against faulty workmanship to the original purchaser (with proof of purchase) for any defective product. This warranty does not cover any damages due to misuse, abuse, negligence or accident.


For users under extreme conditions: If you are using the Engine Oil Drain Valve on off-road vehicles such as 4WDs, farm tractors and logging equipment under extreme environments (i.e. corn fields, bush areas), it is recommended that a plastic tie be used for extra safety and security. The plastic tie, which can be purchased at any hardware store, will firmly keep the lever in the locked position at all times, just cut it to drain the oil.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Engine Oil Drain Valve going to leak?


No. The "ball valve" design of your Engine Oil Drain Valve is just like the design of valves used in pressurised gas applications. Every valve is constructed to exacting specifications and each and every valve is tested for air tightness before it leaves the factory.


Will my Engine Oil Drain Valve open up while I am on the road?


No. In its closed position the Engine Oil Drain Valve extends from the oil pan only about 10-15mm more than a standard oil drain plug. The valve's simple but effective locking system requires two distinct actions to open it and its heavy-duty construction will withstand any engine vibration. Over 2,000,000 Engine Oil Drain Valves have been sold in the past ten years and no problems have been reported.


Does my Engine Oil Drain Valve protrude into the interior of the oil pan and prevent full drainage of my engine oil?


No. The threaded oil drain plug hole is always reinforced to accept the threaded bolt of the drain plug. In most cases, the Engine Oil Drain Valve will not extend past this threaded portion of the drain hole and will allow the oil to be properly drained. Your Engine Oil Drain Valve will let you drain your engine oil while it is hot without burning your hands and it is much more effective than trying to pump the oil out from above.


How long will my Engine Oil Drain Valve last?


Your Engine Oil Drain Valve is constructed of corrosion resistant forged brass and stainless steel. To gain the approval of motor vehicle manufacturers it was subjected to temperatures -20 degrees Celsius. It endured 336 hours of salt spray and thousands of openings and closings and still functioned perfectly. You can expect the Engine Oil Drain Valve to outlast your engine.


How much does the Engine Oil Drain Valve stick out from the oil pan? Is it safe to use the N-Types valve (with Nipple) for cars and light trucks?


The Drain Valve for passenger cars and light trucks is approximately 20mm in length. This means that the valve sticks out only 10-15mm more than the regular plug head from the oil pan. The Nipple on the N-Types Valve extends from the valve for 15mm. We do not recommend using the N-Types valve for vehicles with low clearance as the valve may stick out too far down to the ground.


"We use them on everything with an engine, even our forklifts, and we have for ten years now...I'm not aware of any failures, that's just not been an issue."     Tom Jarvi  VP, Maintenance & Purchasing  Consolidated Freightways


“We think that the Engine Oil Drain Valve is an excellent product. The sealing appears leak proof, the two-step tap opening is likely to be very reliable... and the convenience of use indisputable.”        Julian Edgar, Editor


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