SX Versatility for Industrial Engines

The Fumoto® SX Industrial series brings the versatility and adjustability of our SX series to industrial engine applications.

The SX Industrial series makes your oil changes more convenient than ever with two distinct yet fully integrated parts: the through bolt and oil-flow control body. Together they allow the valve to be positioned to your liking and convenience, for even more effortless oil changes than ever before.

Fumoto SX Industrial

SX Industrial Benefits

Full Range of Motion The SX Industrial series valves can rotate 360° giving you the freedom to drain your oil from any desired point. The unique through-bolt can be tightened independent of the valve body allowing for a simple installation that easily avoids obstructions around the oil drain port.

Faster Flow Rate
The SX Industrial series incorporates a larger ball valve than prior industrial models. In some applications, oil drain flow can be up to 2x faster than before.

New Lighter, Stronger Bolt Design
The newly redesigned bolt is made of alumite-treated, duralumin alloy, resulting in a durable, lighter overall structure that will reduce stress on your oil drain port. 

Fumoto SX Industrial
Fumoto SX Industrial

Safety Lever Clip 

The lever clip can only be installed once the valve lever is completely in the locked position, giving you even greater peace of mind as an added confirmation that your valve lever is completely in the locked position.

Fumoto SX Industrial

Elbow & Hose Connector

Each SX Industrial valve comes with a 90° elbow socket that can be attached to the valve nipple to adjust the pouring angle downward, which is ideal for side drain ports that usually get oil everywhere. The socket also doubles as a secure connection for hoses with 5/8" inner diameters.

Fumoto SX Industrial

Thread Conversion Adapters

The conversion adapters are made of duralumin alloy, making them 1/3 the weight of brass conversion adapters. The thread conversion adapter is used on SX Industrial valves applied to drain ports larger than 22mm in diameter and is included with all applicable models.

Made in Japan. The SX is proudly made by the same ISO-9001 certified factory that has been manufacturing Fumoto Oil Drain Valves for more than 35 years.

Fumoto OilValve
Fumoto 13+ Million Sold

Unmatched Design And Quality 

Each Fumoto valve is designed and manufactured in Japan to exacting specifications by our factory with an 80 year pedigree supplying high performance valves to the pressurized gas industry. Each valve is constructed of forged brass and stainless steel and thoroughly tested before shipping from the factory. All Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valves are covered by a lifetime warranty.

13+ Million Units Sold
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