Fumoto SX Series 

The Next Generation of Engine Oil Drain Valves

Full Range of Motion. The patent pending and trademarked Fumoto® SX series is comprised of two distinct yet fully integrated parts, the through bolt and oil-flow control body. These features give you the ability to position the valve in any direction for even more convenient and effortless oil changes than ever before.

The SX can rotate 360° which allows orientation to achieve a smaller profile and maximum protection from potential damage. The unique through bolt design can be tightened independent of the valve body allowing easy installation.

Fumoto SX Series
Fumoto SX Series

No Adapters

The versatility of the
SX series valve gives you the ability to install it without an adapter on cars and trucks that may have previously required one because of recessed sumps.
SX valves seal with the included o-rings, no gasket required.

Fumoto SX Series

Innovative Lever Design

The ergonomic control lever makes the valve easier to operate even in tight spaces. It features the same tried and true secure locking mechanism as our original valves, but now remains parallel to the body in the closed position for a reduced profile. 

Fumoto SX Series

Faster Flow

With it's inovative design the larger body for thread size provides better flow rates and faster oil changes. 
A hose can be connected to the valve using an optional socket connector for even better control of the oil output and efficient maintenace.

Fumoto SX Series

SX Retention Clip

Fumoto’s new SX retention clips are included with the valve and are designed to keep the lever in the closed and locked position for extra safety and security.

Made in Japan. The SX is proudly made by the same ISO-9001 certified factory that has been manufacturing Fumoto Oil Drain Valves for more than 35 years.

Fumoto OilValve

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